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Dodge Ram Shocks

What are the Best Shocks for My Dodge RAm?

What are the Best Shocks for My Dodge Ram ?

When it comes to choosing shocks the question of what are best shocks comes to mind. Often people will assume the most expensive is the best while overlooking application to your specific needs. While a bypass shock is known for performance as it gives unprecedented position sensitive valving making for the smoothest riding shocks for your Dodge Ram, a properly valved smooth body shock will provide amazing results at a lower price point. Proper Tunning of your shocks is something you should not overlook.

What shocks give the smoothest ride?

At Carbon Shock Technologies we tune your shocks to the way your truck is built and how you drive your truck. Providing a custom valve setup will ensure your Dodge Ram rides smooth. We have 5 different valving profiles to ensure you have the best riding shocks for your Dodge Ram.

Will better Shocks help with towing?

Yes, better shocks will help with towing. Customized valving will yield unprecedented results when towing because not every truck is setup the same. Customer valving for towing specifically will ensure that your truck slows down the road movement but allows for mid-range movement for a smoother ride.  By utilizing a tow package valving setup your truck will perform better under load.

If you want the best shocks to make your truck ride smooth Carbon Shocks has you covered.

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