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We Have Moved to Oklahoma City and at this time we are fully operational.

All Shocks are built to order and

current lead times are as follows

Bypass Shocks - 8 Weeks
Standard Coil overs - 4 Weeks
OEM shocks & Coilovers 8-10 Weeks
Standard Smooth Body shocks - 4 Weeks
Bump Stops - 24 Hrs

Lead times are ESTIMATED as of 6-29-2022
Estimated means just that. It is not a HARD date but a ball park time we feel is fair to ensure we can deliver. With Carbon Moving to a different states things have been all over and many unforeseen circumstances have occurred. We are human and doing the best we can and thank you for your patience during this time.

If a purchase needs to be expedited the request needs to be agreed upon before the purchase and needs to be documented on the order.

 Custom Bypass tube layouts are available
                 upon request at no additional charge with additional lead time
Due to the nature of manufacturing, all shocks are made to order at this time as all builds are unique. Once shocks are scheduled to be built material is allocated and product it put in place for that order. It is for this reason it is our company policy we cannot cancel an order once paid for and entered into the Build Cue. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

All Shocks are covered by a 90 day warranty against Manufacture Defects. Standard wear and tear, re-valves and expected maintenance are not covered under warranty

All Shocks are custom valved to the users application and information is provide with each shock.

Onsite tuning is not currently available at this time due to staffing and limitations.

Remote tuning service is available at no charge.