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Carbon ShockTechnologies Warranty Guide

Warranty Information

Carbon Shock Technologies products are warrantied free from defects in materials and manufacturing for a period of 12 months from the date of delivery of the purchase. Product warranty begins the day the product is delivered. All products must be registered online at to be properly covered under warranty. Warranties are covered to the original end user and is nontransferable unless authorized in writing by Carbon Shock Technologies.

Carbon Shock Technologies warranty does not cover damage from the following.

Abuse and or misuse from improper installation or when used in a wrong configuration. The user shall determine the suitability of the product for their intended use and shall assume all risk and liability in connection therewith.
It is highly recommended that the install is performed by a qualified individual such as a professional shop and or qualified installer.
Damage resulting from improper install will not be covered under warranty. 

Improper Servicing of the product and or lack of maintenance

Improper Fluid use and or improperly filled products

Modification and or use of Non-Approved Carbon Shock Parts.

Damage from an accident and or collision.

Damage from lack of use of limit straps causing over extension

Damage to interior or exterior caused by improper hose routing, rocks, crashes or improper installation

Plating, anodizing, and other coatings used are warranted to be free from defects at time of sale only. They may degrade over time depending on environmental conditions beyond the control of Carbon Shocks. Use of heavy cleaning agents such as acid based cleaners and polishes can affect Plating finish and the end user will assume all risk and liability in connection therewith. Please research the proper cleaner prior to using on Carbon Shocks Products.

Products installed and used in Motorsports Racing and any form of competition are not covered under general warranty coverage.

Reservoir and IFP shocks require a minimum of 75 psi in the reservoir to function properly. If the shock is driven with less than 75 psi in the Reservoir, emulsification will occur and will void the warranty.

To begin a warranty claim, please complete and submit the Warranty Registration/ Request for Service form below with your original purchase information and description of the issue. Some issues are field serviceable while others require the product to be shipped to Carbon Shock Technologies or a certified Carbon Shocks servicing dealer. Customers are responsible for shipping the product to Carbon Shocks and if the warranty is a covered item Carbon Will facilitate return shipping.
Current Warranty turn around is estimated at 5-10 days.


Carbon Shock Technologies Stainless Steel Shock Official Warranty Policy

1. Warranty Duration and Coverage: Carbon Shock Technologies offers a 1-year warranty on all stainless steel shocks specifically against rust and corrosion.

2. Exclusions: The following are not covered under the warranty:

  • Discoloration, flaking, or corrosion resulting from chemical exposure.

  • Alterations or modifications to the finish or part.

  • Scrub Packing and or wear marks on the finish that may occur during shipping.

3. Stainless Steel Characteristics: Stainless steel is renowned for its corrosion resistance. However, exposure to certain environmental elements can lead to oxidation, which may give the material a hazy or slightly brown appearance requiring polishing and or cleaning to bring back to an acceptable state.

4. Maintenance and Care:

  • Routine Cleaning: Every few weeks, remove dirt and air pollutants that can pit the surface by rinsing with a hose.

  • Seasonal Protection: Once per season, apply a good polish or ceramic coating to help prevent rust and staining. A light application of car wax is also beneficial.

  • Restorative Care: For signs of rust, scratches, scuffs, or staining, a metal polish can be effective. For optimal results, adhere to the specific product label's instructions.

5. Special Considerations: Stainless steel shocks used near the ocean, chlorinated water sources, or densely urban areas with higher concentrations of air pollutants may demand more frequent maintenance to prolong their lifespan and preserve their appearance.

All Airbag's purchased through Carbon Shock Technologies are warranted to be free from manufacture defect for a period of 1 year from purchase date delivery.

Carbon Shock Technologies affirms its obligation under this warranty by providing repair or replacement services for any faulty components and retains the authority to make final decisions regarding warranty claims and other related matters. It is crucial to underscore that warranty coverage is restricted to Carbon Shock products and does not entail the provision of an entirely new replacement product. Furthermore, it is emphasized that warranty coverage extends exclusively to Carbon Shock products and does not cover expenses associated with third-party products, shipping, installation, and or replacements.

Warranty Registration & Request for Service

Please choose one of the following

If you are submitting a warranty request, please Check the description of your issue and describe below with details and pictures. Order Number or Invoice Number is Required for warranties.

Warranty issue Description
Upload File
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If you are submitting a Request for Warranty Service a Customer Service Rep will contact you within 24 - 48 hrs to determine the best course of action. The Majority of Warranty issues require the product to be shipped to Carbon Shocks for review and service however in some cases onsite service is available.

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