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Carbon Shocks Breakdown

At Carbon shock Technologies, we hold a strong commitment to supporting American manufacturing by producing high-quality products using locally-sourced materials. Our pledge to American-made goods is rooted in our belief in supporting domestic businesses and fostering local economies. By utilizing materials sourced from within the country, we ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality, reliability, and durability.

When you choose our products, you are investing in not just a quality product, but also in the future of American manufacturing. Our products are not just made in America, but they are made with the finest materials available. We take pride in our ability to produce superior products that are built to last, and we are confident that you will be satisfied with the level of quality and craftsmanship that goes into every product we make.

So, if you want to support American businesses and invest in high-quality products that are built to last, look no further than Carbon Shock Technologies. We are proud to offer American-made products that are unmatched in value, reliability, and performance. Choose us for your next purchase, and experience the difference that comes with supporting American-made goods.

Shock Shafts

Carbon Shock Technologies prides itself on the quality of its shock shafts, which are designed and manufactured in the United States of America. Our shock shafts are crafted from cold-drawn, stress-relieved 1050 induction chromed rod, which is exclusively sourced from American suppliers. The specific grade utilized possesses a minimum yield PSI of 100,000 and a hardness rating of 68/70 Rockwell C.

To enhance the strength and durability of our shafts, we employ a machining process that involves inserting threads 1/4" deeper into the rod end to create a stress collar. This technique reduces the likelihood of shearing due to weaknesses caused by thread cutting.


Moreover, we ensure that our shaft tenons are machined smoothly to provide a rounded edge. This modification serves a dual purpose, reducing a 90-degree shear edge on valving by providing a smooth radius to bend, and minimizing seal damage during installation.

Shock Piston

Carbon Shock Technologies Pistons are Designed Manufactured and Assembled in America Using American Aluminum. Standard pistons are manufactured from 7075 Aluminum and designed to promote a progressive compliment of valving.
Pistons are Anodized with a smooth black finish.

Shock Bodies

Carbon Shock Technologies Shock bodies are made from American Made Honed Steel Tubing to hold a tolerance of +-.002
Shocks are coated in the Industry Leading Cerakote Baked on Coating for superior Corrosion resistance.

Shock Top Caps

Carbon Shocks predominantly employs the use of a tube-over-top-cap design, which has been found to possess superior characteristics for various reasons.

Firstly, this design provides better seal efficiency due to the o-ring placement, which allows for two faces to be in contact with the sealing o-ring. Consequently, the pressure against the o-ring is increased, resulting in a stronger seal.

Secondly, the tube-over-top-cap design enhances strength by utilizing the threads of the body to mount the top cap. This approach increases the overall tube strength since the shock requires threads to be cut on only the outside, preserving the strength of the tube wall and preventing blowouts and tube fracturing under extreme conditions.

Moreover, this design enables shorter shocks, allowing for longer travel in a tighter package. The piston can utilize the entire length of the tube in the top cap due to this design.

Finally, Carbon Shocks utilize a double start thread cut, which enhances strength by using two threads cut in sync. This dual start thread ensures that the top cap locks in place more securely than other designs, preventing it from un-threading.

Reservoir Hoses and Fittings

Carbon Shock Technologies employs only the highest quality industrial-grade hoses and fittings in its manufacturing processes. Carbon utilizes a variety of fittings Globally and domestically sourced and utilizes full flow industrial braided hydraulic rated hose, enabling proper flow to the reservoir strong durability and quality that will last. Hoses and fittings are backed by a 1 year warranty. Terms and conditions are listed on our website at

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