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Carbon Shocks Breakdown

We will always strive for American Made products using material sourced in America. 

Shock Shafts

Carbon Shock Technologies Shafts are Designed and Manufactured in America. Shafts are made from a USA Made Cold Drawn, Stress Relieved 1050 Induction Chromed Rod. The specific grade used has a min Yield PSI of 100,000 and hardness of 68/70 Rockwell C. Shafts are machined with threads inserted 1/2" deeper in the rod end to create a stress collar reducing the chance of shearing due to weakness in thread cutting.

Shaft Tenans are machined smooth to provide a rounded edge for 2 reasons.

Reduction of a 90 degree shear edge on valving by providing a smooth radius to bend.

Reduction of seal damages during install.

Shock Piston

Carbon Shock Technologies Pistons are Designed Manufactured and Assembled in America Using American Aluminum. Standard pistons are manufactured from 7075 Aluminum and designed to promote a progressive compliment of valving. Pistons are designed to reduce 90 degree angles promoting flow while minimizing cavitation. 

Pistons are Anodized with a smooth black finish.

Shock Bodies

Carbon Shock Technologies Shock bodies are made from a variety of American Made DOM tubing. Standard Bodies are .125 wall 2.5" DOM / .120 Wall 3" DOM .120 Wall 3.5" DOM
Shocks coatings choices are currently - Nickle Plating - Black Zinc - Cerakote - Steel it - Chrome - 

Shock Top Caps

Carbon Shock's predominately use a tube over Top cap. Research has shown a Tube over top cap to be superior for the following reasons. 

Better Seal efficiency


The o-ring placement of a tube over top cap allows for 2 faces against the sealing oring. This design also increase pressure against the oring making for a stronger seal. 

Enhanced Strength 


By utilizing the threads of the body to mount the top cap, the over all tube strength is increased. A shock that requires threads cut on both the inside and outside prove to be a weaker design as wall thickness is reduced. By only machining the outside of the tube, the inside is left in tact to retain all strength of the tube wall preventing blowouts and tube fracturing under extreme conditions. 

Shorter shocks


By using a top over design shocks are able to retain a shorter over all length allowing for longer travel in a tighter package. Because of the design the piston is able to utilize the entire length of the tube in the top cap. 

Double Start thread efficiency


Carbon Shocks use a double start thread cut. This threading allowing for enhanced strength by using 2 threads cut in sync. By using a dual start thread, top caps are able to lock in place stronger than other design preventing a top cap from un threading. 

Reservoir Hoses and Fittings

Carbon Shock Technologies use industrial grade hoses and fittings. For 2.5" Shocks Carbon uses -8AN fittings and a full flow industrial braided hydraulic rated hose allowing for over .5" of flow to the reservoir. by using a larger fitting, the shaft displacement flow is not restricted through a smaller hose. 

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