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Front 4.0 Smooth Body shocks for your Dodge Ram 2500/3500 1994 – 2013


(Sold as a Pair)


These 4.0 Shock DO NOT bolt into your factory mounts. these required the Thuren towers and can be purchased separately from

4.0 Shock will require trimming to the factory bucket, and we do recommend bracing if full Race Mode will be engaged.


These 4.0 shock utilize a Large AN 10 hose with a lowered Reservoir port enhancing the compression of the shock at full compression. These are designed for the Dodge Ram Owner that seeks the fullest potential out of their truck and is not afraid to send it over the moon. Valving is set to Either full send mode or can be tailored back to accommodate moderate dampening for a plusher ride.

Call with questions and we would be happy to facilitate answers to whatever you need!

Sold in Pairs

Choose from 3 Reservoir Options:


  • 12" Aluminum Race Reservoirs - All Billet parts with Proper Wear band IFP designed for race use and hard wheeling.
  • Finned HEC Reservoir for Optimum cooling
  • Dual Speed adjustable reservoirs allow for both high speed and low speed adjustments giving you the perfect ride every time!


Lift Height


0" - 1.5”

2” – 3.5”

4” – 6.5”

7” – 9”


Valving Options

Please Choose from the following so we can better valve your shocks to your specific truck and application.

1. Do you run Sway bars?

2. Driving style

A. Daily Driver + Heavy Offroad – You are going to get a little crazy since you have the dampening power of a Woolly Mammoth at your disposal. However, you like to drive your truck daily and want to enjoy a ride that is plush and doesn’t feel like you are riding a Mammoth!

B. Heavy Offroad +Full Race Mode+ *I’m going to break something– You wake up every morning thinking you are BJ Baldwin ready to throw down the Hoonigan gauntlet. Your truck spends more time of its life in the air than it does on the ground. You find pleasure in making sure people know your 8000 LB tow pig is going to outrun their side by side and has the suspension to

*Carbon Shock is not liable for you breaking something. Hopefully the only thing you break is the hearts of all the girls you can’t keep away when they see how awesome your truck is riding on 4.0’s’


1994 - 2013 Ram 2500 Front Shocks 4.0" Smooth Body for Thuren Towers

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