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1. Material– Viper Coils are made from the very best Chrome Silicon material available. Viper uses a steel wire that is tempered in a way that results in a very high tensile strength material. Tensile strength is the key to a good spring that over time and use, will not sag.


2. Design– Each Viper Coil is designed using the latest software available and double checked to very precise standards. VST uses the highest tensile steel available and then they design well under the capability of the material to make sure there is never a failure in the field.


3. Manufacturing Process– Viper Spring Technologies use state of the art winders that are CNC controlled. After the first article is checked to the print the CNC Winder keeps all springs within specifications. All Viper coils are cold wound, (the best process for coilsprings) then all Viper coils are length set to the advertised length and ball peaned to further perfect the surface. They then follow with powdercoating and silk screen each spring with its Rate, Length and Diameter.

There’s no finer guarantee in the spring industry than the one you receive from Viper. If any spring is found to be defective in material or workmanship, it will be replaced at no cost to the purchaser.


Viper parts numbering system is as follows…

(We’ll use part number 3x14x450 as our example.)

1. The first number shows the inner diameter size. (3 denotes a 3” inner diameter spring, 2.5 denotes a 2.5″ inner diameter spring)
2. The second set of numbers shows the springs free length. (14 denotes a 14” long spring)
3. The third set of numbers denotes the spring rate in pounds. (450 denotes a 450 lb per inch spring rate)

So our example of a 3x14x450 is a 14” long spring with a spring rate of 450lb and an ID of 3”.

All shocks should have a minimum of twice the travel length in spring length. That means an 8″ travel shock should have a minimum of 16″ total spring length….either using one 16″ spring or a combo of lengths (6″ upper and 10″ lower for example) to reach the total length.

We typically recommend using a lower (Main) spring that is 2″ longer than the shocks travel length, and an upper (Tender) spring that is 2″ shorter than the shocks travel length. (ie. A 12″ travel shock will use a 14″ Main spring and a 10″ Tender spring) If the spring rates you need are not available using the longer lower/shorter upper method, you can use 2 equal length springs as needed. (ie. A 12” travel shock can use 2 12” springs)

Please contact us if you need assistance in calculating Springs Rates

*****PLEASE NOTE— 2.5 springs are for use on a 2.0 shock, 3.0 springs are for use on a 2.5 shock.***** 

Viper Coilover Springs 3.0" X 24"

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