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The Nissan Titan Swap has emerged as a favored, budget-friendly choice for enhancing both Nissan Frontiers and Nissan Xterras. Delivering a cost effective 2” lift, it necessitates the integration of aftermarket shocks and components. Tailored for Nissan Xterras, these rear shocks mount directly to OE mounts, offering optimal performance for a 2"-4" Lift.


Shock Travel: 8.75”

Extended Length: 23.5”

Compressed Length: 14.75”

Manufactured in America with premium materials, our Carbon Shocks OEM Replacement Shocks and Coilovers are tailored to meet your needs. With five different valving profiles, you can customize performance based on your driving style – from daily commutes to rugged off-road adventures to the top of the Rubicon.Take your driving experience to the next level. Answer a few simple questions, and let Carbon Shock elevate your ride!


  • 2.5” Honed Tubing ensures smooth, frictionless movement available in black cerakote or Passivized Stainless Steel.
  • Carbon Shock Blue Ice 5Wt oil guarantees long-lasting, consistent performance
  • Billet Anodized piston for durability and precision
  • Chrome Hardened Shafts for enhanced strength
  • Rebuildable components for long-term use and ease of servicing
  • American Made Dysogrin Triple Seal pack with Carbon Graphite Wear Band for superior sealing and longevity.
  • PTFE Rod Guide for added reliability
  • Backed by an Industry Leading 1 Year Warranty Against Defects

Nissan Xterra TITAN Swap 2.5" Rear Shocks

  • Shock Valving and Vehicle Information:

    1. Do you run Sway bars?
    2. Driving style
        A. Daily Driver + Light Offroad - Occasional Dirt Roads but your primary life is on the road.
        B. Daily Driver + Heavy Offroad - Mild Rocks and woops are your home but not to fast because you still need to drive home in it but want to have fun!
        C. Daily Drive + Overlander - Mild wheeling but supportive for heavy equipment loads and control. Slower suspension cycling but able to put in work.
        D. Heavy Offroad - Not afraid to push the vehicle to it limits and take the big hits at higher speeds. Fine for on road driving but stiffer and not as plush. 

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