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Carbon Shock Technologies GEN 2 Dual Speed Adjusters, meticulously crafted and now available for customers.

Kit includes the following

1 Adjuster assembly with aluminum Reservoir tube

1 charge Cap with Schrader and Retaining Ring

1 Internal Floating piston

1 ORB to Jic fitting ( Choose from 6 Options to fit most shocks available)

Over the past two years, your feedback has been our guiding light. Every suggestion you made, we took to heart, endeavoring to design an adjuster that truly serves your needs.

• User-Friendly Design: Smooth-turning knobs at all adjustment levels, ensuring ergonomic ease of use.
• Durability and Precision: Crafted with a stainless valve assembly, our adjusters promise corrosion-free and consistent tuning.
• Uncompromised Integrity: Our valve assembly remains unaffected by IFP contact.
• Ease of Install: A dedicated bleed port guarantees 100% air evacuation for install without a complete teardown of the shock.
• Fine-Tuning Capabilities: Benefit from 32-click adjustment on both high-speed and low-speed knobs.
• Assured Reliability: Double-sealed to prevent leaks and ensure long-lasting performance.
• Robust Design: Our valving mechanism is not just durable; it's built to withstand the toughest of treatments.


Dual Speed Adjustable Reservoir 2.5"

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