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Air Ride Coilovers Utlize a Customized Air bag to fit a coilover and provide the user with 6" of travel. Air Ride Coilovers are shipped completely assembled.

Shock Lengths can be viewed here

Once purchased a detailed follow up phone call and or email will be done to ensure proper spring rates are in place and any questions are answered prior to building the shocks.

Choose from 4 Reservoir Options:

  • Non Reservoir
  • 12" Standard Reservoirs - All Billet parts with Proper Wear band IFP designed for race use and hard wheeling.
  • Finned HEC Reservoir for Optimum cooling3.5" Large Capacity Reservoir For Full Race Capacity
  • Dual Speed adjustable reservoirs allows for both high speed and low speed adjustments giving you ther perfect ride everytime!


Shock travel is not bag travel. All shocks have 6"+- travel bags and shock travel is the total amount of travel a shock will travel.


Why Stainless?

We are pleased to announce an exciting new product development at Carbon Shocks. Our shocks have traditionally featured a black Cerakote finish, renowned for its superior performance. However, when it comes to a raw metal or silver finish, Cerakote doesn't always emerge as the optimal choice.We have extensively explored various alternatives and collaborated with multiple plating companies, but the results didn't meet our stringent quality standards.

Therefore, following thorough research and deliberation, we've chosen to implement high-quality, aircraft-grade honed stainless steel in our production process.The rationale behind this choice is grounded in the exceptional properties of stainless steel. Notably, its chromium content enables it to resist corrosion effectively, a feature enhanced by its ability to self-heal via the formation of a protective layer upon exposure to oxygen. Additionally, the capacity of stainless steel to be polished to a fine sheen enhances both the aesthetic appeal and functional longevity of our products by creating a surface that further resists corrosion.

To elevate the inherent properties of stainless steel, we apply a passivation process to the steel tubes. This procedure cleans the surface of any free iron and other extraneous substances, subsequently forming a protective chromium oxide layer on the metal surface.

This thin layer provides a robust shield against further corrosion, even being able to regenerate if damaged, thereby ensuring the continued durability and corrosion resistance of the stainless steel.In conclusion, stainless steel presents numerous advantages. It resists rust, can be polished to a mirror finish, and offers superior performance compared to traditional plating. Furthermore, as we undertake the entire process in-house, we can guarantee efficient lead times. We look forward to providing our customers with these enhanced products and to continuing our commitment to excellence in all our endeavors.

Air Ride Coilovers - Stainless Steel Body and Reservoir ( Silver )