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Carbon Shock Technologies 20" 4.0 Bypass Shock

Performance and adjustability Made in America.

Race Level Seals are Standard.

4.0 shock utilizes a Teflon Coated HNBR backer Oring and an extrusion resistant HNBR U-Cup main seal with energizer Oring. The O-ring acts as a source of energy, delivering extra sealing strength, and enhances the durability of the sealing edges. In addition to overall performance this proves beneficial in situations such as low operational pressure or drastic temperature changes.

Choose from 2 Reservoir Options

Piggy Back or Remote with Large Hose

4.0 Bypass Shock utilize 1" Induction Chrome Shafts

Available in 4 Tube Layouts available in 3/4" or 1" Tube Diameters

3 Tube - 2 Compression / 1 Rebound

4 tube 2 Compression / 2 Rebound

5 tube 3 Compression / 2 Rebound

7 Tube 3 Compression / 2 Rebound / 2 Trim Tubes


All Shocks come standard using Carbon shocks Blue Ice Oil


All Shock Come Standard with a 1 Year warranty. Terms and Condition apply.

4.0 Bypass Shock - 20" Travel

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