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Carbon Shock Technologies 3.0 Coilover Shock

*Note If ordering the 1.5" Rod End shocks come charged to 200+ PSI. Due to length, if you order a longer rod end the shocks are not charged they will require a charge of 150-200 of Nitrogen. There may be a small positive pressure in the reservoir from shaft compression but a charge is required before running the shocks. Do not run shocks unless a charge has been applied. There may be a slight squishy ness to the shock until a proper charge is applied.


Carbon Shocks are Manufactured in America using American Made and sourced materials. Carbon Shocks are machined in house. 

3.0 Coilovers are Available with 3 Reservoir Options

  • Standard Steel Resi
  • Large Capacity 3.5" Race Resi with AN10 hose
  • Dual Rate Adjustable Reservoir


Shock Material Specifications: 
Shock Body Material – American D.O.M. Steel

Standard coating is Black Zinc

Shock Shaft Material - Induction Hardened Chrome Plated – 1050 Steel HRc 60-72 (Min Yield 100K)

Aluminum parts are manufactured from Kaiser 6061 or 7075 aluminum.

Standard Misalignment Spacers – 1.5” X .5"

Shock &Travel

3.0" X 14" – 3.5" Long Rod End

Compressed - 23.6"

With Spring Plate - 23.975"

Extended - 37.6"


3.0" X 14" – 1.5" Short Rod End

Compressed - 22.1"

With Spring Plate - 22.475"

Extended - 36.1"


***Click here to see Full Shock Length Chart***


Shocks are Pressure tested to 300PSI for 24 hours to ensure proper manufacturing QA
Shocks Require a Nitrogen Charge of 150-200 PSI.

Ideal Charge for Shocks is 175PSI of Nitrogen.

All Shocks come standard using VP Ultra Race Oil


90 Day Warranty

3.0" Coilover Shock 14" Travel

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