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Carbon Shocks Top Bump Stop with Bearing Top Cap

Shock Top Bump Ultilize and IFP to seperate the Gas and the Oil in your Bump Stop. By mounting to a bearing the bump has a secure mounting point ensureing maximun dampening without any chance of failure or blow through. Shock top bumps offer the ability to utilize an external adjustable reservoir in addition to a bypass tube on the compression for extrem dialed control of your suspension.

Bump Dimensions & Travel
2.5" X 2" Travel

Shaft Material - Induction Hardened Chrome Plated – 1050 Steel HRc 60-72 (Min Yield 100K)
Carbon Shock Technologies Bumps are Pressure tested to 300PSI for 24 hours to ensure proper manufacturing QA

Bumps Bodies are Sand Blasted and Black Cerakoted for optimal corrosion resitance.
Bumps Require a Nitrogen Charge of 115-200 PSI.
Ideal Charge for Shocks is 115PSI of Nitrogen.
Shock Oil Used is Carbon Shocks Blue Ice
All Carbon Shock Technology are backed by 12 Month warranty against manufacture defects.


***Cans Sold Separately***


2.5 Shock Top Bump Stops 2" Travel

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