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This seal head replaces the old style thread on seal head that is Pre October 2022. The previous generation seal head is of a different width and requires the retrofit here. This sealhead kit comes with a loaded dust cap, a loaded seal head, new Snap Ring and all hardware required.

This seal head will not fit Post October 2022 Shocks.

To know if you  need this simply look at your shock and check the following.
1. Seal head has 2 spanner holes and the outside is knurled.
2. Shock was purchased pre October 2022
3. Seal head does not use bolts to attached to the dust cap.

If you have questions please contact us to dicuss and ensure you purchase the correct parts to service your Carbon Shocks.

2.5" Seal Head Loaded - Retrofit for Pre October 2022 Seal Heads

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