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Carbon Shocks 2.5" Coilover - 10" Stroke

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Carbon Shocks are Manufactured in America using American Made and sourced materials. Carbon Shocks are machined in house.

Shock Material Specifications: 
Shock Body Material – American D.O.M. Honed Steel

Standard coating is Black Cerekote. Optional Stainless steel available upon request.

Shock Shaft Material - Induction Hardened Chrome Plated – 1050 Steel HRc 60-72 (Min Yield 100K)

Aluminum parts are manufactured from Kaiser 6061 or 7075 aluminum.

Standard Misalignment Spacers – 1.5” X .5"



  • Shocks are Pressure tested to 300PSI for 24 hours to ensure proper manufacturing QA
  • Shocks Require a Nitrogen Charge of 150-200 PSI.
  • Ideal Charge for Shocks is 175PSI of Nitrogen.
  • All Shocks come standard using Carbon Shocks Blue ICE
  • 12 Month Warranty - Terms and Conditions

Choose from 5 Reservoir Options:

  • Non Reservoir
  • 12" Aluminum Race Reservoirs - All Billet parts with Proper Wear band IFP designed for race use and hard wheeling.
  • Finned HEC Reservoir for Optimum cooling
  • 3.5" Large Capacity Reservoir For Full Race Capacity
  • Dual Speed adjustable reservoirs allows for both high speed and low speed adjustments giving you ther perfect ride everytime!


2.5" Coilover Shock 10" Travel

  • Need Coilover Springs?

    Click Here to Order Springs for your Coilovers


    You can order springs specific or select a

    Coilover Spring Package

    for your coilover purchase and we will help!


     If you do not know what to order please contact us and we will assist.

  • Shock Valving and Vehicle Information:

    1. Vehicle make and Model.
    2. Shock Position ( Front or Rear of Vehicles)
    3. Do you run Sway bars?
    4. If lifted how much?
    5. Install style ( Direct to axle / IFS IRS/ Trailing Arms)
    6. Driving style
        A. Daily Driver + Light Offroad - Occasional Dirt Roads but your primary life is on the road.
        B. Daily Driver + Heavy Offroad - Mild Rocks and woops are your home but not to fast because you still need to drive home in it but want to have fun!
        C. Daily Drive + Overlander - Mild wheeling but supportive for heavy equipment loads and control. Slower suspension cycling but able to put in work.
        D. Heavy Offroad - Not afraid to push the vehicle to it limits and take the big hits at higher speeds. Fine for on road driving but stiffer and not as plush. 

  • Shock Travel

    Shock &Travel

    2.5" X 10" – 3.5" Long Rod End
    Compressed - 19.6"
    With Spring Plate - 19.975"
    Extended - 29.6"

    2.5" X 10" – 1.5" Short  Rod End
    Compressed - 18.1
    With Spring Plate - 18.475"
    Extended - 28.1"


    ***Click here to see Full Shock Length Chart***

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